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three techniques to carry out MB SCN Coding Online quickly by Autel MS908P

This website will present you the way to try and do Mercedes SCN coding in 3 measures by Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P. As you know, Benz SCN Coding
Service will cost about $150 just one time, but with MS908P you are able to do it at your fingertips!

Why we need to do SCN coding?
When replacing or flashing ME control device or new Transmission management unit we have to get new SCN, that is certainly to say SCN coding.

How use Autel MS908P to do MB SCN coding in three methods?
Step1. You must initially link Autel MS908P to J2534 Ecu programming system and Benz car. Future get started Autel MS908P and
choose “Diagnostics”→ “Benz”→ “Automatic selection”

Then switch on ignition and hold out a moment to go through VIN. Right after read click on “OK”.

Step2. Click on “Programming” on primary menu, next simply click “ME-SFI-Gasoline motor control”.

Click “Control module programming”→ “NEXT”→ “OK”→ “OK”.

Step3. Click on “SCN coding”, you may see two measures.

Simply click “Step1”, soon you will note “Get SCN details from sever completed”. Then click on “Step2”, wait around a minute and you'll
see “Perform SCN coding completed”. Now you correctly use Autel MaxiSYS MS908 Pro to perform Benz SCN coding in just 3

Certainly, Autel MaxiSYS MS908P Professional not simply can perform SCN coding but in addition has several other features like diagnostics, Ecu
coding and flash programming, J2534 Reprogramming, etc. It handles greater than 40 US, Asian and European auto will make till


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