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As I wrote GM Tech 2 software using a GM Tech 2 and TIS

Hello to everyone.

Today I will share my experience pack software using Tech 2 rs232 and TIS.


Some write that they cannot fully record your memory card through TIS.
And so I decided to try it, because yesterday I wrote them through the laptop, looking ahead would only say that a laptop is much more faster event, rather than via Tech 2 from Obd2tool.com. Yes and before you write need to remove the old soft.

As in my laptop with no DB9 I used the adapter. Also found a Bulletin in which there is an adapter, which recommends itself BOSH.

One photo from the series is not enough, I forgot to do, where the choice of what you want to write to the card, and what it is now.

So someone wrote that his Professional Diagnostic Tool Tech 2 does not see the GM card. If you are sure that you map all right, then I would recommend you to try to ReWire the element on the main Board under the number U32 he is the same as U33.


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